Alumni Return as Mentors

St. Mark’s alumni had the opportunity to return to campus and share their professional expertise and life experiences with Upper School students. On November 1, 2018, the St. Mark’s Student Alumni Association welcomed 12 alumni to the annual Mentoring Discussion, which featured roundtable conversations about the industries of Business & Finance, Tech & Entrepreneurship, Medicine & Health Care, and Law & Government.
“St. Mark’s has had an incredible impact on my life, and I’ve always had a passion for mentoring students,” said Jake Wagner ’00, Chair of the Alumni Association’s Mentoring and Networking Committee. Jake is also the Co-CEO of Republic Property Group and spoke to students interested in technology and entrepreneurship. When it came to career advice, Jake emphasized to the boys the importance of finding what they are truly passionate about. “Whether you pursue a career in business, or medicine, or education, you’re going to be spending the majority of your waking hours for the rest of your life in that career. So it should be something that you love and really enjoy. For some of you, it will take a little bit more time to figure out, but you shouldn't ever settle.”
At each discussion, the alumni invited questions about their paths and professions. Students asked about career choices, college courses, and daily activities and responsibilities. Among all the sessions, a common theme emerged: St. Mark’s provided an unparalleled education as well as character and leadership skills that serve as an incredible benefit to each alumnus. 
The four professional mentorship discussion groups included:
Medicine and Health Care:
Fadi Constantine ’00, Plastic Surgeon 
Lowell Ku ’89, Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility & Surgery, Dallas IVF
Zev Shulkin ’98, Ophthalmologist
Tech and Entrepreneurship
B.A. Cullum ’99, Vice President, Aspect Investors 
Jake Wagner ’00: Co-CEO, Republic Property Group

Law and Government
Randy Ackerman ’68: Partner, Ackerman & Savage, L.L.C.
Collin Lensing ’01, General Counsel & LP of Corporate Development, Vendera Resources
David A. Wood ’82, Attorney, Exall & Wood, PLLC
Joe Zopolsky  ’92, Attorney at Law, Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.C.
Business & Finance
Michael Flanagan ’90, Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch
Ricky Rees ’85, Founder & Managing Partner, R2R Capital
Matt Wallach ’99, Senior Vice President, Walker & Dunlop 
Byron Neuhoff ’88, Marketing, Ethos Group

If you are interested in serving as an alumni mentor, please contact Alex Eshelbrenner ’04 at 214-346-8274 or

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